cyco-analytics-2Winners keep score. It's that simple. All bikes are equipped with computers that track various performance metrics like watts, RPM, calories and miles. Our studio software captures the data from the bikes and stores it in your private profile so you can set goals, measure your progress and celebrate your successes! Research shows that tracking activities and measuring results leads to stronger commitment, better performance and longer lasting results.

During your ride, the performance metrics are shown on two 70 inch flatscreens so you can see your performance in real time and stay focused on your goals and what you set out to accomplish. It also allows you to compare your performance to other riders for a little extra motivation – if they can, YOU can! For you competitive ones, give it all you got to make it to the top of the list! Want a little privacy? Assign a "nickname" to your profile so you can be "anonymous" but still participate in fun in-ride group competitions and "races". Nothing makes you tackle that hill or hit that sprint a little harder than when you're in the middle of an "even bikes vs. odd bikes" race!