Saddle up and start pumping your legs, your heart and your confidence! Let our certified coaches take you on a journey where your mind, body and soul are exposed to an exhilarating multi-sensory, heart-pounding, fist-pumping, calorie-burning ride.

Whether your goal is to lose weight, improve performance, improve health or just "check the box" and have fun with like-minded people, we have the classes and coaches that will help you meet, and beat, your goals.

Our classes are challenging for all fitness levels, but you are in control of the resistance on the bike, and thus, the exertion required. And our classes are fun, a ton of fun! Lights and video to enhance the awesome mixes of music that our coaches put together will keep you motivated and keep you going. The hard part is showing up – the rest is all downhill – well, there are a few "up" hills, but you get the picture...

To make the most of your ride, please keep the following in mind:

  • Arrive Early. Each class has a capacity of 25 riders –lots of people getting ready at once – allow yourself at least 15 minutes to change your shoes, put your street clothes in your locker, get your bike adjusted and get ready for your ride.
  • You are going to SWEAT, so hydrate before the ride and bring a water bottle, you will need it!
  • Wear clothing that is breathable and comfortable – "wicking" material is preferred – shorts or form fitting pants are preferred so as not to interfere with the pedals.
  • Shoes make the difference! While our pedals accept regular athletic shoes, it is HIGHLY recommended that you invest in a pair of biking shoes with a SPD fitting. "Clipping in" allows for a much better experience, works a wider range of muscles and gives you a better workout. You are spending valuable time and money on the ride – make it count with the advantages that clip-in shoes provide – try it once and you will never just wear regular athletic shoes...
  • We provide complimentary towels and invite you to try our complimentary chill-out experience after your ride. We have 2 bathrooms and a shower room.