Intro to Addiction Cycle

hero-2Whether you are new to indoor cycling or just new to Addiction Cycle, we strongly encourage you to join us for a complimentary 30-minute introductory session. You will be fit to the bike (critical for safety and maximum training results), receive an orientation to the studio and the performance measurements system we use to help you track your progress. You will also receive a short ride to experience the Addiction Cycle difference and set the tone for a journey like no other as you experience all our instructors have to offer.

  • Purpose/Goal of Class: Ensure proper bike fit (critical for safety and efficient, effective training) and lay the foundation so everyone knows how to maximize their Addiction Cycle experience.
  • Length: 30 minutes


hero-2Our signature ride will leave you sweaty, inspired and ready to take on the world. You will experience the Addiction Cycle difference as you experience an all-terrain interval training session. Training in both aerobic and anaerobic zones, you will push your limits on both hills and flat roads and feel the exhilaration as your mind, body and spirit come alive.

  • Purpose/Goal of Class: General fitness via "circuit" training (hills/strength, intervals and steady state training)
  • Length: 45 minutes

Rhythm Ride

hero-2Our rhythm ride 45 minute full body class will use music as our inspiration to get you riding to the beat. Your legs and core will feel the burn, but we will also use weights and drills to target your upper body and core. Get ready to have fun and tap it back!

  • Purpose/Goal of Class: Aerobic training with purposeful mind/body focus. Fun.
  • Length: 45 minutes

Classic Ride

hero-2Our classic ride is geared for the older rider who knows the importance of staying physically active and can prove that indoor cycling is for any age. This 30 minute low impact workout will build muscle as well as improve balance and coordintation.  All while enjoying the sounds from your era. 

  • Purpose/Goal of Class: Build strength and improve heart and lung capacity.
  • Length: 30 minutes


hero-2We know the importance of giving back to our community as well as others in need.  Join us as we create a fun filled event while supporting a worthwhile cause.  

  • Purpose/Goal of Class: Give.Back.
  • Length: 45 minutes